Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Patting the ego on the head

This is a little off topic... Every year, the faculty participate in a merit review of what we have accomplished over the last year. One of the lenses we examine our work through is impact on the profession and community -- this is something we value very much. There are many ways to look at this, but here are a few fun ways:

  • Go to http://scholar.google.com/ and plug in your name or the title of one of your articles, presentations, and so on. This search brings up all of the other articles, presentations, and so on that reference you and your work.

  • Set up a Google Alert using your name or specific article/work as your search term. Google Alerts will then send you a report (daily, weekly...whatever you select) showing you recent references on the Web relevant to your search terms (in this case, your name or specific article/work).

  • If you have a blog like this one, install a counter. I use Site Meter, which sends me a nightly report showing me who (well, not who exactly, but where) has accessed my blog, how much time they spent, what they looked at, and how they got to my blog.

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