Monday, January 7, 2008

Flickr photo sets

I have three new Flickr photo sets:

-- Kids...

-- Attempted Creativity

-- Her First Word
Note: This is an example of how to use Flickr for digital storytelling.

I've been thinking about the various ways to use this tool with students. You could have students take photos on a particular topic and set up a Flickr site (an individual can set up 3 sets for free). For example, given that MLK Day is right around the corner, students could set up a Flickr set illustrating how the fight for freedom and equality has been manifested (or not) in their lives, or what "honoring diversity" means to them. Or students could work together sharing photos that illuminate what it's like to be a student at their school, or what it's like to be their age. Or, if students cannot provide their own digital photos, you could provide students with a large set of photos, and have them select a sub-set that tells their story or a story they want to tell.

Since Flickr allows the inclusion of some commentary, the tool can be used for digital storytelling and self-expression (my "Her First Word" Flickr set is an example of a digital story)...which can be very empowering. And fun.

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