Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bullet points make me crazy

PowerPoint/Keynote (presentation software, in general) makes me crazy. I am a classic user and abuser -- bulleted slide after bulleted slide...YAWN. So, now, I try very hard to avoid building slideshows to support presentations and use alternatives instead (handouts, flipcharts, photos, etc.). But, I still end up occasionally using it, and not very well when I do (there are a couple of examples in this blog related to my AECT presentations...again, YAWN).

It turns out that I am not alone in my feelings about PowerPoint/Keynote/etc. These tools -- specifically the overuse and misuse of them -- make some folks down-right angry! My instructional goal, however, is not to have people discontinue using these tools, but to use them wisely and creatively (don't do what I do!). Here are a couple of "presentations" I use to launch discussions about how we should use presentation tools. I find that these clips help us begin to explore ways to effectively communicate via these tools, and encourage us to use a critical eye when creating presentation slideshows. [As an aside, I really like the message shared via the "Death By PowerPoint" slideshow, but I believe communicating the message with 61 slides violates effective use.]

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Anonymous said...

I ran across a great blog post with eight ideas for better presentations. A lot of his points apply to any type of technical writing.

Of course, some type of visual aid is important for visual learners like me.

Elizabeth Clark